How the Chinese Balls used? How to choose Chinese balls?
How the Chinese Balls used? How to choose Chinese balls? 0 €
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How the Chinese Balls used? How to choose Chinese balls?

How the Chinese Balls used? How to choose Chinese balls?

There is some suspicion by some women when deciding to use Chinese balls.

In many cases, the origin is often ignorance and doubts about its real effectiveness, possible contraindications or choice of type or model most appropriate for each case Chinese balls.

the Chinese balls are wonderful, produce almost without you noticing a series of stimuli that is achieved very effectively exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor in the same way that we would practice known as Kegel exercises, but without any effort on your part. Actually many doctors advise using Chinese Balls to recover the tone of the pelvic floor and prevent urinary incontinence of women.

These exercises they can be practiced in different ways and with different accessories, but Chinese balls are definitely the best choice for this exercise. With Chinese balls and minimum recorded good results in a short space of time that will result in improved tone and improving sexual relationships.

No need to do anything special, just move normally while Chinese balls are doing their job, perform minimal exercise and thereby also become a form of very nice to do those tasks that are usually routine and boring, go to the office, shop, walk ...

short-term benefits Chinese balls obtained are multiple, but particularly what is striking almost from day one is that you start to notice as increasing your level of arousal and your libido or sexual desire is also stimulated. More medium / long term get greater control over urinary sphincters, essential not to succumb in incontinence and a marked improvement in the control of the vaginal muscles in general.

Choose the Chinese balls that best fit our specific needs as well as our level of experience, is a determining factor influencing very directly in the success or failure arising from the use of also called geisha balls.Therefore, we always recommend taking very seriously this choice and opt for the quality offered by the leading brands and choose only those models manufactured with medical grade silicone or Elastomed, recommended to be fully compatible with our body materials.

in this high-end segment of the three types of Chinese balls of the brand Fun Factory is located usually give better results, both classical Smartballs Teneo Uno as and Teneo Duo. The basic design of the classic model differs both in its slightly oval shape, texture of their surfaces as well as its weight is slightly lower, 15 g of difference between the two models with two balls.

a very in favor of Teneo is that it has endowed a special cavity which allows a more comfortable and easy insertion. It has also been improved in the sense that you can now choose from a ball or two. The option of a single ball may be the most suitable for beginners or those of us with short / narrow vaginal canal since the muscles are exercised equally without suffering any hassle.

Finally we highlight the inclusion in the Teneo, a cord for extracting the Chinese silicone balls made entirely in the same color as the balls themselves and that is much more hygienic.

the Fun Factory Smartballs are an ideal choice for both its classic version as new Teneo, although it is true that in this little face to-face way of comparison, the latter win-win for the reasons given above.

We therefore recommend the use of Chinese balls to all women who want to regain their pelvic tone, improve urinary incontinence, restore libido, and solve some problems more, and while having a nice feeling in their daily routines.

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