Myths and clichés about sex
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Myths and clichés about sex

Myths and clichés about sex

There are many myths about sex that by dint of being repeated again and again have become irrefutable truth for l @ s more innocent. Here we discuss some of them:

The absence of hymen shows that a woman is not a virgin, and his presence means that yes it is FALSE in both cases. A hymen can be broken by accident in the pubic area or any sexual experiment to introduce any object into the vagina. On the other hand, sometimes a hymen is so tough that you can have intercourse repeatedly without breaking

During menstruation there is no risk of pregnancy FALSE. It is not common but it can happen. On the one hand, the precise time of ovulation can vary widely and can be altered by situations such as stress, changes in altitude or strong emotions. It can also happen that during the last days of the rule sperm survive up to a week in the cervix, which could coincide with an egg and fertilize it.

Spaying reduces the sex drive of both men and women FALSE. Quite the opposite.The man and woman who have come voluntarily sterilized enjoy sex more, since leaving fears of unwanted pregnancy and can fully focus on pleasure.

Alcohol is a sexual stimulant FALSE. It is true that alcohol in moderate amounts is a disinhibitor component that makes us feel more attractive, but also makes us lose sensitivity. In addition, in men can lead to impotence and lack of orgasm

it is difficult for a woman to become pregnant the first time you have sex FALSE. In fact, it is something that happens very often. Biologically there is no obstacle to this, it is more, the woman´s nerves the first time can advance ovulation and thus facilitate conception.

men begin to masturbate before women FALSE . In fact, 38% of women masturbate aa begin before age 10 compared to 8% of children.Women are awakened interest in men before them by women, interest bearing want them to discover their anatomy fondling voluntarily and thus provoking the first orgasms.

We hope we have helped with these false myths about sex so you can have a clearer idea about them

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