Dildos, penis, dildos and vibrators of different materials and shapes
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Dildos, penis, dildos and vibrators of different materials and shapes

Dildos, penis, dildos and vibrators of different materials and shapes

More and more different materials for the manufacture of dildos, penis, dildos and vibrators there. Different sizes, colors, shapes, materials, functions and purposes for which they are made. Vaginal stimulation, anal and vaginal and anal only

There are various materials for the manufacture of dildos, dildos, vibrators and penises, among which are those made of silicone, gelatin, latex, PVC, glass and metal.

silicone is today the most widely used component in the manufacture of dildos. With many advantages and almost no downside: it has a very similar to human skin nice and silky touch. It is also hygienic, antiallergic, durable and easy to wash (it will be enough with a little soap and water). It is also flexible and adapts quickly to body temperature. If you use lubricants with this material we recommend the water-based, because although paradoxically, the base silicone may end up damaging the dildo, so they are not recommended cleaning your sex toys silicone.

gelatin, like those made of silicone, is able to mimic the texture of human skin with much realism, and can present suggestive colors and transparencies that make dildos, dildos, vibrators penises and more attractive and fun.Among the disadvantages we can mention the smell of plastic that can sometimes have dildos gelatin when new (though usually disappear with washing) and that its durability and resistance is not the same as dildos silicone.

latex is still widely used by its elasticity and reduced price. It is also a nice touch and easily moldable material, but it also has some disadvantages, which can have allergic reactions in certain individuals, is moisture sensitive and needs special care for proper preservation and hygiene.

PVC is usually the most economical material is easy to maintain and is compatible with all types of lubricants, but also often too rigid and less realistic touch.

crystal also has a small niche in the world of pleasure. It is a smooth, hard material, and gives you the ability to play with its temperature. For example, you can try putting it in the fridge for a cooling effect that is sure to be very exciting and fun. In the same way you can bathe in warm water to increase its temperature and get a warm and inviting feeling. In addition maintenance is not complicated

You can also try. dildos most original, such as aluminum (durable, lightweight and like the glass, flexible thermal sensations), steel (very resistant, rigid and anti-allergic) or (sliding, sensual and extremely soft) ceramics.

As you can see you can choose a large number and variety of materials for your sex toys, some being better than others, but it depends on the use and your sensitivity to opt for one type of material and shape for your dildos, dildos, vibrators and penises.

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