The best anal dildos for men and women
The best anal dildos for men and women 0 €
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The best anal dildos for men and women

The best anal dildos for men and women

One of the dildos that are most successful are anal dildos lately, both among women and among men, also called anal dildos. This success is because it is no longer an exclusive product for gay men, but their use has spread among heterosexual couples wanting to try new things and break your sexual routine, making new sexual games between the couple with new sexual inducements to anal dildos use.

Both men and women have many reasons to be encouraged to enjoy anal stimulation and penetration. In the case of man, if he is able to discard the classic clichés of masculinity, you can discover anal stimulation a wonderful new source of sexual pleasure. And although many still do not know, men have their particular point G (also called point P) in the lower rectum, next to the prostate. In fact, stimulation of this area with your fingers, penis, prostate stimulators or anal plugs alone is capable of causing the male orgasm.

Within the anal dildos are especially interesting stimulators point P of the Aneros brand, acting simultaneously on the perineum and sphincter, or sophisticated stimulators of prostate Bob Lelo, whose soft touch and easy handling make prostate stimulation in a very pleasant experience.

women also have a large collection of anal dildos to choose from, and even dildos with two points: vaginal and anal.One of the most recommended is the anal plug Horsetail Pony Play, which incorporates a silky and fun strips that mimic the horse´s tail, making them ideal for fantasize BDSM games.

Among women sex toys, dildos can be used polyvalent serve both anal and for vaginal use. Good examples of this are the Spirex glass dildo or dildo Icicles No. 5. Both glass has a very elegant design and can be heated or cooled as required by the time, which multiplies gives them endless possibilities.

We must bear in mind that before using any plug or prostate anal stimulator, it is necessary to relax the area before applying on it a gentle massage finger or tongue and, of course, always use an anal lubricant water or silicone base, depending on the type of material that is manufactured erotic to be used, which allows correct sliding dildo in the anus toy. In this way we will prevent any kind of pain, anal fissure or rectal prolapse occurs.

Taking the proper precautions, anal stimulation through anal dildos can become an unforgettable sexual experience for both women and for men. That is why we encourage you to try and forget about taboos or ways of thinking a little dated.

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