The woman´s clitoris, the organ of female pleasure
The woman´s clitoris, the organ of female pleasure 0 €
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The woman´s clitoris, the organ of female pleasure

The woman´s clitoris, the organ of female pleasure

The female clitoris has about more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is a higher concentration than any other organ of the body, including the lips, tongue or fingertips. That is why the clitoris is the largest organ of pleasure in humans, and whose sole function is to unleash maximum pleasure to women.

the shape of clitoris recalls the shape of a penis in miniature, as it is composed of a rounded tip (glans), connected to a part more eventually, the body, which, unlike the penis is the size of your little finger.

the body of the clitoris is divided into two arms extending into the body of the woman, under the skin. Nerves control the contractions of the clitoral muscles, the sides of the walls of the vagina, bladder and urethra, passing the sensations produced anywhere in the region of the vagina and the outside of it.

usually we only see the glans of the clitoris, labia minora as, ie protective lips covering the vagina, lie on the tunnel forming a clitoral hood.

the clitoris entire length comes to have a size of 10 to 13 millimeters.Meanwhile, the clitoral gland, at rest, only measures between 3 and 4 mm wide and 4 mm long and 5, but can achieve erection 1 to 1.5 centimeters long.

How do we stimulate the clitoris for maximum pleasure in women?

the clitoris is stimulated indirectly by the movement of the labia minora when the penis goes in and out of the vagina during intercourse.For a small percentage of women, this stimulus is sufficient to produce an orgasm when combined with the sensations caused by the penis stroking the vaginal wall. However, in many cases it is not, so you must resort to direct stimulation, which can occur in several ways, either through the fingers (with the help of a good lubricant to make the fingers run better, lips, tongue or even by vibration. As you know, the clitoris is very sensitive to vibration, which explains the success of our wide range of vibrators.

we must bear in mind that because the clitoris is a sensitive extremadame body to stimulate may be offensive or that women can feel pain in the clitoris, so both the vagina and should be encouraged clitoris very gently for maximum excitement and pleasure in women.

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