The seven best sex tips that never fail
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The seven best sex tips that never fail

The seven best sex tips that never fail

Much it has been said about the ways in which women can fall given before the male sexual instinct, but really what they want? Here we present a list of the seven best techniques so you never fail eroticism in bed. To work ...

1 The erotic massage never fails

Start game with a sensual massage will be great for her, especially if it has been stressed. Your libido will thank you and eventually reward you with an excellent night of sex.

The wonder of massage is that after light it it, you also encederás you caressing her while she is naked.

Strip off both and put it on the bed, face down. Have on hand some aromatic oils, móntate on it, or kneel side, and starts fingering her. If you do not know massaging or is the first time does not matter, lose yourself in the rhythm of your breathing and plays with the palm of your hands, back, shoulders, hips, legs and buttocks, slowly.

recognizes areas where she feels MAAS erotic pleasure or are points that you had not noticed. So, next time, you will go straight to them.

Occasionally, licking her neck and forearms. Give small doses of pleasure, but always make use of suspense. Prevents become routine, become an expert and do more and more enjoyable.

2 Clitoris, that little friend

Much has been said of the clitoris, its millions of nerve endings and hiding.

If one day you want some wild sex and violent for your girl garment as ever, play with your tongue on the clitoris, never fails ... if you know what to do.

we recommend to treat it with care. Touch it first, with the tip of one of your fingers and just rózalo. Then gently fold away covering it with your two thumbs. Take the time to discover it and see how slowly passes erecta and pink tone to fiery red.

When you feel that your wife asks you shouting that you penetrate ... do not. Stay calm and introduces two fingers slightly, trying to touch the G spot (found at the top of the vulva inside the vagina). Keep playing the clitoris and be sure to move your fingers inside her. Make slow but intense movements.

Be careful not to hurt her, because excessive rubbing of the clitoris can be very painful. Once the you feel wet, then penétrala. If you can get her to be blindfolded while doing this practice will be much better, so you will not know at what time it will penetrate and excite you as you can not imagine!

3 Rózala fingers through his body

sometimes you abuse your strength when having sex. But women, and as a good introduction to begin a sexual time, like to feel touched and shuddering delicately.And best of all, it is not difficult for you and does not require much effort.

When is © n both naked, playing with your fingertips your silhouette or dots that make die of pleasure, as her nipples, the soles of his feet, forearms, knees, calves, elbows, neck, spine, navel and buttocks. If you follow our instructions, you´ll dead.

The important thing is to touch as if you wanted just caress her, that is, not entirely, but touching her with your fingertips. That will cause a kind of erotic cosquilla that prepare them for sex play.

4 suggests some new game

If you´re married, you live with your partner or have a relationship of years, it is common that passion goes with time and lack of novelty. That it may never pass, do everything possible not disappear altogether.

Talk to your girl starting a new sexual game, visit a sex shop, buy objects they want to explore, use video to arouse or seek new alternatives such as using dildos, vibrators or sexy lingerie.

Here the winner will not only be you, because women although he says most do not love to play. And make her see it as just that: a game that does not have to alter at all the state of their relationship

If she does not suggest any shame, surprise her and starts you. For example, they can go to a bar and impersonating strangers, chat long time, flirting, touching feet under the table, go to the bathroom ± or the antrum and if you can do it there.

Something else that never fails is to tell your girl to imagine that sex is for one night with a stranger, Rename current names and invent ... they have all the imagination front.

5 Read a chapter of her erotica

If porn movies or erotic increase our desire to double, literature, which is all imagination, increases threefold. Get some very explicit classic novels by authors such as the Marquis de Sade, Henry Miller, Almudena Grandes, Zolá, DH Lawrence, Vladimir Nabokov, Lautreamont, Lezama Lima or Bukowski.

Read previously some chapters and then choose the most erotic and descriptive. Then I read it in bed or sofa with your girl while both are naked. It will inevitably fall given before the words written by any of these experts eroticism and sex. When she no longer can more ... then yes, release the book and the rest continue ...

6 Give her sex when you least expect

men often make the mistake of thinking they are the only ones who think in sex all day and excited at every moment.Grave mistake. Women also think much about it, more than you think.

Sometimes a brief look at the back of a coworker you can make them fall into bad thoughts. If you meet with surprise adrenaline, your wife will inevitably fall. So make love by surprise will not drop anything wrong.

For example, when food your work you can ask her eat, and instead, take her to a hotel. Make love and then return each to their activities. She will not stop thinking about you and maybe at night you get home wanting to seduce or you make a surprise visit to your apartment, asking more ...

7 Keep exploring after completing

women always want more. They are insatiable. Remember that sexual Relacon not always end when you finish.Follow her touch, kiss her on the lips with a lot of fire. There is nothing to pledge more to a woman than a spree intense sex, one after the other and would also provide many orgasms.

for that tries new ways and put into practice the previous seven points.If you follow them to the letter, with your own dose of eroticism and sensuality, you will certainly have a sleepless night of non-stop erotic. Your dark circles next day you take pride because I have accomplished: did you get ten summa cum laude in bed.

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