How to exercise the muscles of the vagina with the help of Chinese balls
How to exercise the muscles of the vagina with the help of Chinese balls 0 €
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How to exercise the muscles of the vagina with the help of Chinese balls

How to exercise the muscles of the vagina with the help of Chinese balls

As we have already mentioned in several articles in our sex blog, the Chinese balls are more than just a sex toy and may eventually become our best allies to make known as Kegel exercises or exercises of contraction of the PC muscle of the vagina, and getting tone vaginal muscles to thereby obtain numerous health benefits of women among which are:

- Improve control over the sphincters of women, it helps us prevent or combat small losses of urine from now may be avoidable many women

- Increased sensitivity. and elasticity in the area, so they come to get more pleasure and stronger orgasms to have greater control over the muscles can exercise at will more or less pressure during intercourse.

There are plenty of models of Chinese balls to make the right choice we will have to set mainly in the materials they are made especially if we have some sort of incompatibility or allergy. That is why we recommend that you consult our online store, Chinese Balls section, if you are curious about the possible models in the world.

How you exercise Chinese balls are made

we´ll show you how the exercises are performed Chinese balls and thus achieve good muscle entailment of the vagina:

the first step is to introduce the balls, we recommend using some type of lubricant to facilitate insertion and thus make a little more pleasant introduction into the vagina.Next we need to keep us out (something will happen easily if we have a little toned muscles, especially after childbirth) with the contraction of the muscles of the vaginal walls, the way is similar to when we feel like peeing but now we can not and we have to endure, to then slowly relax the muscle. This process must be repeated several times in a row holding the contraction for at least 5 seconds and is also advisable to practice at least three times a day.

the effectiveness of this type of exercise with Chinese balls, is amply demonstrated given the importance currently attributed and how widespread practice worldwide, also do not forget that help you greatly improve your sex.

That is why we encourage you to try and be amazed of the benefits of using Chinese balls.

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