How to control ejaculation
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How to control ejaculation

How to control ejaculation

One of the most common male sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation. In fact, although almost all insist on denying it, the vast majority of men have suffered at least once in their life. Unfortunately, shame or fear about admitting the problem of premature ejaculation to the doctor or even to one´s partner does often not treated properly by hiding it, resulting in cases of sexual dissatisfaction.

once accepted this male dysfunction treatment that the patient must undergo always depend on the degree of complexity of each case, but generally will suffice implement a number of tips to reverse the situation. The most important is related to the PC or pubococcygeus muscle, which is responsible for the ejaculatory reflex. Through intercourse or masturbation, you can train control ejaculation and learn to contract this muscle when you notice the first sensations associated with orgasm. Over time, repetition of this exercise will allow you to have more control over the ejaculatory reflex and delay the expulsion of sperm to the desired time.

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Another of the most important aspects is breathing to control ejaculation. For physical and mental orgasm control, and to fully enjoy sex is advisable to maintain a long and steady breathing throughout sexual intercourse.

foreplay play in these cases a key role. The practice of the same help both men and women to progressively into a suitable sexual atmosphere, preparing the body for intercourse and preventing a sudden overstimulation of man in the beginning of penetration.

In addition, sexual position chosen is also important. When the man gets up, the pleasure experienced is usually higher and, therefore, orgasm is more difficult to control. It is therefore recommended any position in which man is placed underneath, where you will always have better control of your body and your own feelings.

also, the use of condoms in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS-itself reduces the sensitivity of the glans, a fact that contributes to soften male arousal, thus delaying ejaculation.

Finally, there are specific erotic cosmetics products to prevent premature ejaculation, ejaculatory gels as retardants. These highly effective and compatible with condoms and all kinds of sex toys, products are applied to the penis and the glans, and are formulated with refreshing substances that diminish their sensitivity, enabling more durable and satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Following these tips and much practice premature ejaculation will not be a problem.

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