Balls and urinary incontinence
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Balls and urinary incontinence

Balls and urinary incontinence

The Chinese balls are erotic and therapeutic toy recommended by doctors and gynecologists, where one of the main benefits is the therapeutic remedy for urinary incontinence of the benefits of its use during pregnancy and postpartum and their effects positive sex.

Why incontinence occurs in women? The weakening of the pubococcygeus muscle group, the main pelvic floor muscle that is responsible for holding the bladder, uterus or womb and rectum.

Why the pelvic floor is weakened in women? There are several reasons.Over the years they suffer a natural decline due to the effect of gravity. It also plays an important role in pregnancy, conducting impact sports (hiking, aerobics ...), menopause, and even holding urine, wear tight clothing, laugh or sneeze, times when not controlled the abdominal pressure.

when losing the tone in the pubococcygeus muscle, and therefore in the pelvic floor, is when you have more risk of suffer landslides matrix, bladder, uterus or rectum, lack of sensitivity vaginal or urinary incontinence.

therefore, it is a you need a good muscle strengthening. But how has to be strengthened? Vaginal practicing Kegel exercises, localizing the muscle and trying to hold urine, without interfering with other muscles. And the star option to rehabilitate this area is the use of Chinese balls.

Recommended by doctors, sexologists, gynecologists, midwives and physiotherapists specialized in the pelvic floor. When a woman wears Chinese balls, vaginal exercise is practicing almost without realizing it, is to date the most effective way to strengthen the pelvic floor.

the internal Chinese balls balls vibrate with movement, so that generate a stimulation on the walls of the vagina, thus increasing blood flow to the area and improving muscle tone and lubrication.

In conclusion, that women use it for the reason that Chinese balls, either for pleasure, pregnancy or incontinence use, every woman is benefiting from all its effects, improving health, and sexuality.

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