How to masturbate a woman
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How to masturbate a woman

How to masturbate a woman

Many men wonder how to masturbate a woman, and whether she enjoys it. They fear that she is pretending, and that your fingers are not making the right moves. Therefore, today we will share some tips and recommendations on what you can do to masturbate a woman and make you enjoy true.

Pay attention to your body language, she will indicate you how you should do

If she turns away from your hand, will probably go too fast or be too abrupt. Please note that your genitale are more sensitive than man, or as sensitive as may be the tip of the penis.

If she squeezes your fingers or your hand against her vulva, you may be going too soft, while hardly notices your rubbing and stroking. Experience will tell you what level of pressure she can tolerate or enjoy most.

constant lubrication and do not miss as it may violate the relationship

Although you may seem boring, nothing more a woman despairs that movement or change of pace when it is already on the way to orgasm. For them it is not always so easy to get, so you lose the thread is somewhat frustrating. If you notice that he likes what he does, continues with it.

Try using a lubricant, because there are women who are not lubricated enough, and if at first lips and clitoris are dry contact with your fingers can be unpleasant and even painful. As they excite you can use fluids to moisten your vagina vulva.

The most basic is to slide a finger between his lips and stroking her clitoris, front or sides.Maybe at first you find it cost, but you´ll notice that as their size grows excited. Do not use only the llemas of your fingers, you use the entire length of your finger.

When the notes wet, try swiping inside her vagina, excitarás even more, but do not focus on it, again stroking her clitoris, which is what really excites more, and what will lead to orgasm.

Different ways to masturbate a woman

like men, every woman is different, some are more aroused with direct stimulation, others with touch around the need to prefienre circular movements, and others prefer a straight line up and down or left to right.

Anyway, when you see the approaching orgasm, do not stop, in if anything looks a little faster and with more intensity. When you reach the climax, stop, the feelings are so intense that if you follow it can be unpleasant, just let you enjoy the rush.

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