How to make a good erotic massage to your partner?
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How to make a good erotic massage to your partner?

How to make a good erotic massage to your partner?

erotic massage searches through the skin tone and specific points on the body, produce pleasure and especially increasing erotic arousal through kissing, caresses ...

from time immemorial, they have used lovers caressing sensuality to produce pleasurable sensations produced by the softness of the hands as a basic fact in the art of love.

with erotic massage we get the body wake up to a world of sensations often numbed by the daily hustle and stress.

the sexual massage prepares the body for pleasure and excitement. Relaxes muscles, dissipates tensions, calms the nerves, calm our minds and forget worries, abandoning the pleasurable sensations that run through our body inch by inch.

hands lover not only transmit physical, but spill onto our skin, tenderness, affection, care and desire. Amid this sea of sensations we can learn to relax and feel with all our body, forgetting for a few minutes the traditional role of genital sexual encounters.

the erotic massage as part of foreplay and sex play is a world of sensations of well-being, tenderness, intimacy and desire.

Tips for erotic massage your partner

erotic massage technique requires calm and look for the appropriate time, the rush is the greatest enemy. The ideal is to have A quiet moment, where we can disconnect the phone so that no one interrupts us.

We must find. a suitable place, quiet and uninterrupted

the site chosen, we must prepare a right temperature, in which the other person to disrobe not have excessive heat or cold. The ideal temperature is 25 ° C

We can. comfortably knock down the person on a bed, on the couch, or floor above a quilt, or a carpet surrounded by cushions.

A dim (candles often provide a pleasant and suggestive light), some music ascent pleasant incense (or oils that we use) previously added to a glass of champagne and some strawberries or chocolates, may be the ideal prelude to our massage, making all your senses to enjoy the couple of the moment.

While other couples encourages them much improvisation and spontaneity, the most romantic mood will like the room with candles, background music, and be prepared before a delicious evening with a delicious dinner (aphrodisiac).

You can use a lotion or oil to start fast absorbing massage (in our sex shopcan find massage oils and creams of all kinds) however, is not convenient to use creams that take longer to be absorbed by the skin and they can produce an unpleasant taste, if we once started the massage, move to stimulate the body with lips or tongue.

in addition to stimulating erotic massage every corner of the skin to gradually increase sexual arousal, we seek to make our partner feel desired and sensual.

General procedure for a good erotic massage

In our sexual massage, we can begin to caress and massage gently extremities, hands, feet, face, head, go slowly entering in the back, neck, shoulders, legs. The next step stimulate Sea thighs, English and breasts. Finally genitals.

However there is no set route but we can change it depending on the time, especially need to pay attention to the reactions of your partner to see if is proving enjoyable.

the body´s sensitivity varies in each person however there are areas> as neck and neck (back), eyelids, shoulders, armpits, waist, buttocks, feet and both sides of the chest, they are. very sensitive to oral or manual stimulation

zones erogenous, or more sensitive because of its abundant innervation are, the mouth, the lower earlobe, breasts, external genitalia, perineum and anus.

But in the erotic massage can begin stroking his temples, the hair root, or simply massaging the hair, which produces a sweet pleasure for both men and women. We can also caress the front of the wrist, elbows, knee bend, etc.

The practiced massage sensuality and sensitivity it can be a really pleasant fountain, filled with eroticism and complicity

Technical erotic massage

you can start with your partner undressing or ask him to do him / her. Ask him mouth to lie down with the her head tilted and semiflexed arms the height of the head. Cúbrele part of the buttocks with a towel soft. Tell him to comfortably place (if necessary can put a cushion under the bend of the knees, heels or head). It is important that both be comfortable

You can put yourself beside, standing (if in a high bed), kneeling on a cushion, sitting beside him or on his buttocks (if your body weight is not annoying to the other person).

as for the execution of erotic massage, there are plenty of techniques and steps they can be followed, and as we gain confidence we can innovation and change to our liking

I will propose 10 simple steps for erotic massage, which will vibrate the body of your partner

Step 1: massage with hands open and relaxed

you can start placing your hands open and relaxed on your back, exercising a slight pressure, left at your heart and your right hand on the right hand column where the lumbar area (where just back) begins.

Stay a few minutes in this position it facilitates get into a calm environment, focusing on both yours and your partner´s breathing and the beating of his heart.

Step 2:. massage with gentle strokes

you can start the massage itself through her body with gentle caresses

Use both palms and fingers, and slide them gently, slowly.

Walk neck first, to go by scrolling shoulders, crosses the arms, back, legs and can go down to feet.

you can then going back up again for them to get back to the neck.

Step 3: erotic massage on the scalp

by exerting a little pressure massaged with the fingertips the scalp

Place your hands on either side of the head, behind the ears. Exerts a little pressure with outstretched hands and fingers semiflexed.

You can intruducir fingers in the hair and massaging his head as if lavases hair, but always with slow movements and exerting pressure with the fingertips.

you can go from the neck to the forehead.

Step 4: erotic massage with aromatic oils

Grab some massage oil (aromatic oil, sweet almond oil, moisturizer or lotion massage), and put it in your hands, rub your hands together to warm the oil in them and spread it on the back of your partner.

this uses circular motions with palms, these movements they are called frictions

the movements during the frictions must be vigorous and somewhat faster than the previous steps.

Step 5: erotic massage with gentle slides in the back

Make soft slip along the back, following the path of the column.

Place open hands with fingers together in parallel, deslízalas down a slight pressure, has these movements are called pressed

then slide again up but this time, exerting pressure only with the base of the hand

Step 6: erotic massage muscles

once the skin ready, we to reach our massage at a deeper level, the muscles.

We will use a move or pass called kneading

it consists of taking the muscle by hand and drop using the thumb and the rest of the hand.

This movement reminds made by bakers to knead bread.

we start shoulders and we go down the back. Get release tension body

Step 7: erotic massage with caresses

back the step 2 and pat lightly with the palms back neck and extremities

Step 8: erotic massage your back

Ask your partner to be placed faceup

Step 9: erotic massage for face.

with the fingertips and using circular movements massage face: forehead temples, cheeks, behind the ears, earlobes and jaw.

Do the same but this time with pausing thumbs to press the neuralgic points of the face:
- The temples.
- the beginning of the eyebrows.
- the cheekbones (a low height right eye)
- Between the nose and lips
- Among the lips and chin.

Step 10: erotic massage end

Repeat, this time stopping at the chest of your partner
from here gives way to more sensual caresses below the towel at the height of the hips, you can use soft but firm circular motion slides. You see getting close gradually to the genital area.

From here you can continue kissing, fondling genitals, etc. letting sensuality, tenderness and eroticism go their way.

It is important that during the erotic massage, enjoy the sensations offered by play the body of your partner, exploring her curves, changes tension, forms, contact with bare skin. Appreciating every detail and expressing all your sweet and all your passion.

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