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anal sex

We must be careful and cautious when anal sex with your partner because the consequences of a bad preparedness anal sex and ignorance can reach to be important and can damage your relationship or trust between them.

anal intercourse, involving the penetration of the penis or any kind of erotic toys like vibrators, dildos and Chinese balls anally, you can become very pleasurable for both men and women, in fact, there are women who prefer to be penetrated anally, but in no way should be practiced without minimum of physical preparation, without proper technique and logically with the acceptance of your partner. Also keep in mind that should be done gradually and progressively to be a true sexual pleasure for both.

Among the problems more derivatives usual practice anal sex incorrectly include loss of control over the sphincters and infections caused by micro small wounds. In addition it is noteworthy that the rectal mucosa is very sensitive to all kinds of infections by bacteria and viruses. As should be very careful with this in your sex.

There are a number of techniques that are very beneficial, not just to avoid these problems, but also for greater pleasure. We could say that the preparation of the anus for penetration is clearly divided into several phases: lubrication, relaxation and start of penetration. All of them are important and should not be overlooked.

We hope to have helped you in this delicate topic of anal penetration, anal pleasure and coo you must do it with your partner.

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