sexual positions to get pregnant when making love
sexual positions to get pregnant when making love 0 €
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sexual positions to get pregnant when making love

sexual positions to get pregnant when making love

There is a widespread belief that some positions favor the conception, is nothing new since this affirmation has been done fairly widespread, though not there is currently no reliable studies showing it, experts agree that some positions of the Kama Sutra could help get pregnant to facilitate the arrival of sperm to the cervix.

the most important thing to keep in mind if you´re considering be potatoes is the period of ovulation. From then you can get to raise the possibility of using certain techniques or postures that can contribute to our cherished purpose.

To stay pregnant, sperm must be located as close to the cervix. Therefore the positions most suitable are those that allow the deeper penetration better.

Another important element to consider to allow get pregnant more easily, it is that man should not immediately withdraw the penis after ejaculation, as this acts as a shutter and could, to retire while still erect, cause a detrimental effect vacuum that would promote outward semen few millimeters which could be primary

Turning now in detail. more positions indicated to achieve our plan, I am sorry to be unoriginal and start talking about the more traditional position, the missionary, but it has proven to be one of the most desirable in this regard to meet the ideal characteristics, making the sperm stay inside the vagina facilitating the arrival of these to the cervix.

also can use a little trick one After the man has ejaculated. It is to place one or more pillows or cushions under the hips, flexing my legs a bit to get the inclination necessary for the largest proportion of sperm get be deposited. From that moment and once the penis removed, the woman should hold the position for a while.

As already discussed , postures that facilitate deep penetration are ideal to become pregnant, this category could also include ´´the Lotus´´, ´´arc´´ or ´´puppy´´, the latter is especially suitable for women with uterine retroversion.

In any case to procreate the most important thing is to forget the stress and enjoy sex, so get greater pleasure will undoubtedly help to get pregnant since the mechanism that our body uses to bring the sperm to the cervix are precisely the contractions that accompany orgasm.

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