The keys to the female orgasm - the desire of women
The keys to the female orgasm - the desire of women 0 €
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The keys to the female orgasm - the desire of women

The keys to the female orgasm - the desire of women

This is probably one of the most pleasurable moments and most desired by all women, and we want to have as the female orgasm occurs:

the word ´´orgasm´´ comes from the Greek word orga, meaning ´´burning boil´´. During sex, your heart rate accelerates and genital area accumulates a lot of blood. When this excitation occurs continuously, we enter a period of climax in which the clitoris retracts and vaginal muscles contract. At that point we secrete a lot of endorphins, which are the molecules responsible for our happiness.This gives us a characteristic and intense feeling of wellbeing that lasts a few seconds and in some cases (not very common) is accompanied by the expulsion of a white and viscous liquid. It is known as female ejaculation or squirting, of which we have spoken on occasion.

The female orgasm can be achieved in various ways: the most effective way is by stimulating women´s erogenous zones, especially the clitoris. Hence the huge success of rampant bunny vibrators, clitoral stimulation designed for, so often forgotten by man.Another way to achieve this is through proper stimulation bulbs located inside the vagina, often underestimated by as much as man by the woman. The ultimate way to reach orgasm is by classical vaginal penetration, but perhaps it is the least effective formula of 3. And, unlike humans, need more than just penetration women to fully enjoy sex. < / p>

However, in either case our psychological and emotional state plays a very important role. The degree of trust we have with our sexual partner or the illness it wakes us contribute decisively to achieve orgasm. On the contrary, any kind of concern in our mind can decenter, preventing us from fully enjoy sex and reach the climax.

To this does not happen, it is recommended that before intercourse we carry out some preliminary games: kissing, fondling, whispers, oral sex, erotic massages, etc. With them easier to break the ice and forget for a while the little problems that keep us the long-awaited orgasm.

In addition, we can use various products of erotic cosmetics, which will help us achieve orgasm and enjoy it more intensely. This is the case of the female orgasm enhancer creams, orgasmic and stimulators gels, sprays intensificantes pleasure ...

Remember: < span style = ´´font-weight: bold;´´> female orgasm is a right, not a privilege. Look for it without obsessing, but insistently and imagination and you´ll get your reward.


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