Having sex before sport
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Having sex before sport

Having sex before sport

For many years, it is said not to be have sex before sport , in fact it is a recurring theme every time he approaches a major sporting event such as world or the Olympics, and especially for elite athletes and professional athletes.

Great athletes like Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, ignored these theories, and the boxer said he spent six weeks without having sex before a fight.

the rumors are as far as that in ancient Greece and thought it was counterproductive having sex before competition, possibly this myth comes from there not to love or have sex before doing any sport .

Fortunately science helps break these and other myths, and today before the Olympics major brands of condoms are scrambling to give to athletes with their best products for them advertise. Apparently the Olympic city is abuzz, too much energy that needs to be released before the competition!.

There have been many investigations that have addressed the issue from the point physically and psychologically.What they have been able to confirm is that have sex before sport does not diminish the physical powers, or resistance.

From the point of view psychological, some believe that not have sex help to maintain high levels of aggression or tension, which helps to focus on the sporting challenge, but so far no study has been able to demonstrate this.

so we think we should break this myth about not having sex before sports activities.

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