Solutions erection problems
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Solutions erection problems

Solutions erection problems

Today we will deal with a problem that affects millions of men on our planet and is a major disorder for many who suffer, and also is considered a taboo when expose or discuss it with your partner or the doctor.

We must be aware that there are remedies, but which depend on the origin of the disorder in each individual, and therefore should be treated differently.

in Spain, more than 2,000,000 men suffer from this disorder erection, and in many of these cases are due to psychological problems that have nothing to do with the age of man, but which may be related to a physical and psychological problem at a time.

Among the psychological causes that may even cause erection problems include anxiety, depression, problems in the relationship or anxiety itself derived from the lack of sexual performance, and these days the big rise in unemployment makes thousands of couples have problems everyday that make sexual relations are not at their best time.

the physical reasons ranging from vascular, renal, neurological, pharmacological treatments, to alcohol or snuff.

There are now measures or treatments that can become effective if known exactly the type or origin of erectile dysfunction individual to be treated. Since the vacuum pumps sold in sex shops to treatments, therapies of all kinds or surgery. But in all cases must be the doctor who made the diagnosis and at all times advise their patients on both psychological treatments such as physical you should take to mitigate and get to solve the problem of erection in men.

vacuum pumps for penis, also known as suction pumps are used to stimulate erection, it is a simple device consisting of a cylinder usually plastic, in which the penis is introduced and in which air is pumped to create suction, thus the blood is being sucked into the cavernous tissue of the penis, thus reinforcing the erection of the penis.

invigorating creams can be effective depending on the severity of dysfunction or erection problems. These products promote blood circulation helping to maintain an erection, preventing premature faintness. So they can last longer penile erection.

There are other palliative remedies applicable type, but do not solve the problem, if allowing still enjoy sex, improving the quality of life of those affected, including the use of covers for the penis or harnesses holes in which you can enter the penis as if a prosthesis is involved.

But above all, at the onset of erection problems, the best solution is to put them overcome fear and shame and seek specialist, your doctor and get to care specialists.

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